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We helped a company that produces innovative gardening and home protection products to refine the positioning of the different brands in its portfolio.

PROBLEM: A company that produces innovative gardening and home protection products was struggling with differentiating its brands in its portfolio. The company needed a way to clearly position each brand while also communicating the commonalities between them.

SOLUTION: To tackle this problem, the Lato conducted design research with the target groups. Through this research, the team was able to identify the key aspects that would differentiate each brand in a meaningful way. They worked with the company to develop a clear positioning for each brand, using the research to guide the decision-making process. In addition, they helped design the key elements of the packaging for the company's core line to communicate the new positioning to customers.

SUCCESS: Thanks to the team's work, the company was able to successfully differentiate each brand in its portfolio while still conveying the commonalities between them. This resulted in a clearer message to customers about the benefits and unique qualities of each product. The new packaging design for the core line was also well-received by customers, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. The company was able to establish a stronger brand identity, which has helped it stand out in a crowded market and attract new customers.


Management and Marketing Client
Lato Società Benefit



User Research


6 months

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