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The current account designed for Generation Z is an innovative solution for cooperative credit banks that responds to the needs of today's young people. We have helped the bank, together with a community of young people, to create a current account that offers a personalized experience suitable for the needs of Generation Z.

PROBLEM: A cooperative credit bank wanted to create a new bank account designed specifically for Generation Z, but they were unsure about the features and experiences that would appeal to this demographic. They wanted to make sure they understood the needs and desires of young people in order to create an account that would be attractive to their associates and potential customers.

SOLUTION: To address this challenge, the bank partnered with Lato's experts to build a community of young people and conduct co-design research. The community consisted of young people who were recruited during financial education initiatives in secondary schools. Through a series of workshops and discussions, the team identified the key features and experiences that Generation Zers wanted in a current account. These included a personalized experience, flexible spending options, real-time notifications, and no extra charges.

SUCCESS: With these insights in hand, Lato's team was able to design a current account (together with its name and branding) that met the needs and desires of Generation Z. We created a personalized experience that felt unique to each customer, with flexible fees options that allowed for greater control over their finances. Real-time notifications were built into the account, providing users with up-to-the-minute updates on their balance and transactions. The account also has no hidden charges, providing peace of mind for young customers. The bank successfully launched the new account, which was very well received by Generation Z. The account attracted a successful number of young customers and helped the bank establish itself as a leading expert in his group serving the needs of this demographic.



Marketing Client
Lato Società Benefit
Proxima spa


User Research
Service Design


6 months

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