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We do good what's good.

Lato is an Italian 4P* Benefit Corporation.
We empower other organizations to do purpose-driven "good business".
Our mission is to achieve social impact without losing focus on sustainability of profits, people and planet.

* The 4Ps are: Profits, Purpose, People, Planet.

We're not alone in this paradigm shift. Could you be the next?

Image by Oscar Nord

Every day, billions of people all around the world turn to organizations to solve a problem affecting their lives; billions of others wake up to solve it actively.

This interaction fuels an immense number of communities on this planet.

We imagine a world in which every side of this interaction can feel safe and heard when entrusting every kind of Organization with a piece of their life, living empowering experiences that enhance the quality of their lives.

That's why our purpose is

«making human organizations happen».

1. MAKING because it is the most solid verb possible. We're makers, before everything else. We do things. We connect hands and brains to produce real effects in the real world. Why the -ing? Because it requires constant innovation, it is and will always be a work in progress, a never-ending trajectory.  
2. HUMAN because they say it is difficult to balance stakeholders interest with business interests. But – you know what? – 2020 taught us something: the two are not separated interests anymore. Social, environmental and governance issues, are business issues. Those who won't take those issues into account risks extinction in 5 years or earlier.  
3. ORGANIZATIONS because we want to bring the Customer Experience mindset into every organization (schools, hospitals, public services) to free the world from the bad experiences that frustrate and worsen the quality of our lives. How? By co-creating products and services with real users and stakeholders who live the stakes on their skin.
4. HAPPEN because this is something to be achieved. Human-centred organizations are something that everyone talks about but very few achieve. No mystery here: it is difficult. It will be. But that's why we're here, armed with every tools it is needed to produce a real impact in the real world.

On why we need good Experiences.

Good Lives are measured in good experiences.

Why? Because life is made of moments, and  Experiences have the power to shift our relationship with the present moment.

An experience can be a good or bad one, enabling us to focus on what is most important, or distracting us from it.

A good experience can energize us to achieve more and better; a bad one can slow us down. Or stop us, entirely.


I'm sure you know how frustrating, bad, friction-full experiences can have an enormous impact on our days, weeks, years.

Bad Experiences at school can curse a life trajectory; 

Bad Experiences in a hospital can cause life-altering moments;

Bad Experiences at work can generate unberable amount of stress;

Bad Customers Experiences make a business fail and everyone that survive thanks to it.

By viewing experiences not just as merely transactional (an exchange of knowledge or money) but as a fundamental part of our existence, we can shape the world we want. Not the dramatic one so many people still live.

After the most devastating pandemic of our generations, now it's time to act.


We need to focus not just on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues, but on experiences that do good to all four Ps: Purpose, Profits, People, and the Planet.

This shift in consciousness it's the only thing that can push us out of the state of confusion that pervades the business world.

It will invigorate us and shape a business world that resembles our values and beliefs, not the contrary. 

It’s time for a reboot.


To respond adequately in the face of change, we need to innovate more than ever, by understanding problems better than before, and by being braver in their solutions than we ever did. 


That's why Lato is born: to pave the way for organizations that want to put the human factor, for real, into their balance sheets. 

Finally doing the only thing that give sense to our existence: 

filling others' lives with joy and meaning. 

Gianluca Amato

Writer, Purpose Discover Specialist @Lato SB

To change the organisational world, we started from ourselves.

We adopted AEquacy, a revolutionary remote-first and non-hierarchical organisational Design.

Why should you care?

Because that's why we can do what other's don't: be free to be as flexible, agile and fast as you need. 

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