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Physical signage has revolutionized the customer access experience in 900+ branches of the fourth Italian banking group.

PROBLEM: The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the banking industry, forcing branches to implement strict safety measures to protect both customers and employees. However, outside BPER branches, customers were struggling with confusing rules and long lines, leading to daily fights and a poor overall experience.

SOLUTION: After conducting thorough inspections and gathering data on the pain points, Lato experts came up with a concrete proposal to improve the customer experience. The solution included the creation of two separate files outside the branches (one for customers who had booked an appointment and one for those who had not), as well as a carefully crafted design system that signaled the new access guidelines through universal and accessible ideogram graphics, aided by effective UX writing. This simplified the process and eliminated confusion, making it easier for customers to navigate the new security protocols.

SUCCESS: Three days after implementing the solution, BPER tested it and found that it was highly effective. Customers were able to move through the lines quickly and easily, without any confusion or fights. Encouraged by the success of the pilot program, BPER decided to roll out the new process across its entire network of branches. The result was a dramatic improvement in the customer experience, with customers reporting high levels of satisfaction and praise for BPER's quick and effective response to the challenges of the COVID era.


CX Bper
Lato Società Benefit


Customer Experience
User Research
Service Design
Employee Experience


May – Sept 2020

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