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For a Venture Initiative in the fashion world, we helped design the business model of a multi-stakeholder platform.

We also designed the brand meaning and identity.

The fashion industry has struggled to collaborate effectively, resulting in inefficiencies in the supply chain and customer experience. A Venture Initiative sought to address these challenges by designing a multi-stakeholder platform that would enable collaboration and improve the industry's overall performance.
Our team was brought in to help design the business model of the platform and create its brand meaning and identity. We worked closely with the Venture Initiative and multiple stakeholders within the fashion industry, including clothing brands and retailers, to design a digital platform that would facilitate seamless collaboration across its ecosystem.
The platform was designed to allow different participants to collaborate effectively, addressing the challenges of the fashion industry's inefficient supply chain and customer experience.
The Venture Initiative was a significant success, and the platform's launch enabled fashion industry stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly across its ecosystem. The platform has improved the industry's supply chain and customer experience, making it more efficient and effective.
Our team's involvement in the project enabled us to create a business model and brand identity that aligned with the Venture Initiative's objectives and the fashion industry's changing needs. The platform's launch was well received by stakeholders, and it has opening up new opportunities for growth and expansion, and showing once again the power of effective collaboration and design thinking in addressing complex challenges in every industry.


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Business Model
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5 months

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