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This business case is about transforming financial education from a classroom-based teaching model to a learning process powered by the Discord platform. The focus is on the involvement of Generation Z, creating opportunities to meet young entrepreneurs. The path also includes the design of an innovative start-up.

PROBLEM: Traditional classroom-based financial education models are becoming obsolete, failing to engage and involve Generation Z. Young people need a dynamic and interactive learning experience that supports their development of financial and entrepreneurial skills.
SOLUTION: In collaboration with a group of Italian banks, we designed a process to transform financial education into a dynamic and interactive learning experience, powered by the Discord platform. The program involves transforming young students into young entrepreneurs by creating opportunities for discussion and skill growth in a supportive environment. The course involved designing an innovative start-up, allowing participants to put what they learned into practice and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The best ideas were funded by the bank with cash prizes.
SUCCESS: The program has successfully transformed financial education, engaging and involving Generation Z in the learning process. The use of the Discord platform has created a dynamic and interactive learning environment, supporting the development of entrepreneurial skills. The inclusion of a series of talks by entrepreneurs has provided a real-world perspective, encouraging the birth of new ideas and supporting the development of innovative start-ups. The success stories of young entrepreneurs showcased in the talk have inspired many students to pursue their dreams and start their own businesses.


Marketing of a group of Banks 
Lato Società Benefit


Service design


8 months

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