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A new food experience, co-designed from concept to road-to-market, positioned a leading food company for continued growth and success in the future.


For a multinational food company, keeping up with changing consumer preferences and evolving food trends can be a daunting task. In today's highly competitive market, the need for innovation is critical to stay relevant and satisfy customers. Our client, a leading international food brand, faced a significant challenge in this regard. They recognized that they needed to create a new product that would meet the changing needs and desires of consumers while staying true to their brand identity. They asked for Lato's expertise to develop an innovative and meaningful product that would stand out in the crowded marketplace.


To address this challenge, our team designed an "innovation of meaning" process for the multinational food company. We began by conducting a series of interviews with the company's key stakeholders to understand the current and future meaning of the brand. Through this process, we gained insights into the brand's core values and identity, which informed our subsequent research and development efforts.

Next, we conducted an ethnographic research study to identify new food trends and understand how consumers were giving meaning to this particular set of food items. We built a research community of target consumers and worked with them to co-create a new food experience that would resonate with their changing preferences.

Through a series of Design Thinking workshops, we engaged stakeholders from various departments of the company in the innovation process. We collaborated with them to develop the new product – a challenging task that required to balance out different visions.

Our team's unique approach to innovation and collaboration enabled us to create a new product that met the changing needs and desires of consumers while staying true to the multinational food company's brand identity. Our focus on understanding the brand's meaning and involving key stakeholders in the innovation process was critical to our success.

We also integrated product design with brand design expertise to create a consistent and recognizable brand experience for customers. We worked closely with the company's marketing team to ensure that the new product aligned with the company's overall branding and messaging.


Through our efforts, we produced several prototypes and concepts of a new food experience. We tested these prototypes with real users in two different markets, Italy and the US. The new product is going to meet the changing needs and desires of the market. Our approach to innovation and collaboration enabled the multinational food company to stay relevant in a crowded market. The new product was an exciting addition to the company's portfolio, and it opened up new opportunities for growth and expansion.


Innovation department Cient 
Lato Società Benefit


New Product Design
User Research


8 months

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