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Resoling sports shoes is more than just shoe repair. It is about offering a solution to the problem of expensive and wasteful consumption. Our client didn't just want to repair shoes: he wanted to create a community of people who care about the environment.

For an international sport brand, keeping up with changing consumer preferences and evolving sustainability trends can challenging. Our client recognized that they needed to offer something different in the market - a sustainable and ethical shoe resoling service that would meet the needs and desires of their customers. The traditional approach of shoe repair was not enough, and the company wanted to create a seamless, sustainable experience that aligned with their brand values.

To address this challenge, our team designed an innovative and sustainable shoe resoling service for the international sport brand. We began by conducting a design research study with our target audience: mountaineers who needed their shoes repaired. Through this process, we gained insights into the frustrations they faced when always having to buy new pairs of climbing shoes when they could have them repaired. Additionally, we understood that they wanted their shoes repaired responsibly.
Based on these insights, we designed the shoe resoling service to satisfy both needs - making it a seamless, sustainable experience. We utilized eco-friendly materials in the service touchpoints, and ensured that everything about the service was transparent and ethical. We worked closely with the company's marketing team to ensure that the branding of the initiative aligned with the values that emerged from the research and the sought-after corporate positioning.

Through our efforts, we created an innovative shoe resoling service that met the changing needs and desires of consumers while staying true to the sport brand's brand identity. The service launch contributed to position the company as a leader in sustainability and ethics in the sports industry.
The new service was an exciting addition to the company's portfolio, and it enabled the brand to take a leadership position in the industry.
Our focus on understanding the target audience's frustrations and desires was critical to our success. The shoe resoling service launch was a testament to the power of our approach, and it positioned the company for continued growth and success in the future.


Client's Innovation department 
Lato Società Benefit


New Service Design
User Research


5 months

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